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How big a group?

Our expertise and experience in crowd management is significant no matter the size of the crowd.


The prohibition of assembly is gradually eased following the different phases in the reopening of Denmark. Currently a group of up to 100 people is allowed.

The exception to the rule is “conference like activities” f.ex. meetings and annual general meeting: Up to 500 people are allowed, primarily events where the participants are seated and in compliance with the respective guidelines.


Specifically, it means:

- The general prohibition of assembly is raised to 100 people.

- “Conference like activities” are excepted and can be executed for maximum 500 people both indoor and outside, primarily with seated guests.

- The 500 include guests, staff etc. In other words, all present.

- Several events, with up to 500 participants in each hall, can be conducted simultaneously either with split time slots or different entrances and isolated from each other.

- Other rules apply for trade shows/fairs being ranked alongside shopping malls. It should be understood as activities where several people move around without being a part of the same group.

- 2 m2 per person should be allocated in the meeting room or hall – last mentioned can also be outside. For common areas 4 m2 per person apply.

- In practice the arrangement can be rows of seats, café tables, benches etc. the important point is that the participants are seated and in accordance with requirements for distance.

Our guests will of course be informed about guidelines and other important details prior to events.
Matching of expectations is very important ensuring that all involved parties know exactly what is going to happen and that the event will be executed according to the plan.



Health & Rehab Scandinavia

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16 - 18 November 2021
Tuesday - Wednesday 9am - 5pm, Thursday at 9am - 3pm

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