Unfortunately, some of our exhibitors are regularly contacted by companies offering inclusion in various "exhibitor index" / "trade show guides"

We have p.t. Knowledge of the following companies that appear to use roughly the same business practices:

Fairs & Business with address in Spain, (www.fairs-business.com)
International Fair Directory with address in Germany, (www.inter-fairs.com)
Fair Guide in Austria (www.fairguide.com, Construct Data Verlag AG)
Expo Guide with address in Mexico (www.expo-guide.com)
Event Fair in Bratislava, Slovakia, (www.eventandfair.org)

The companies typically offer admission / advertising in the website's trade show guide. It is not clear from the submission of the offer, but we should note that when signing a contract, you typically commit to pay a larger amount for a period of three years.

Danish.Care has at no time had anything to do with these companies and has not provided the names or addresses of exhibitors. These companies obtain themselves by copying from the websites of the various exhibitions.

For example, Fair Guide / Construct Data Verlag AG operates in several countries, and in Germany a judgment has been given against the company. Construct Data Verlag AG has been convicted of fraud, they are not entitled to claim payment against a customer who had signed the firm's form, the customer's entry on the internet must be deleted, and Construct Data Verlag AG must pay both parties' legal costs.

Danish.Care strongly distances the companies' methods, and in general, Danish.Care encourages our exhibitors to be aware if they are contacted by companies that offer this type of service and / or claim to cooperate with Danish.Care.

Our exhibitors are always welcome to contact us for verification of any cooperation with external companies.


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