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AirVita Global

Stand nr. C1-088

AirVita AI air purifiers eliminate airborne smoke, bacteria, virus, allergens and harmfull pollutants from the air you breathe. Come and see a live smoke test of our units at booth C1-088

Air pollution is one of the biggest and most serious challenges faced by the world today. Indoor air pollution is the major cause of increase in symptoms as: Asthma, irritations in eyes and throat, virus and bacteria attacks, respiratory disease and allergy. The estimated annual cost is 150 billion Euro in EU alone due to illness, absenteeism hospital admissions etc.As an employer, you are obligated to create a healthy in-door work environment for your employees. In smoke and bacteria-filled rooms, AirVita is the answer. Our air purifier eliminate thousands of harmful particles, floating around in the air. Our unit takes in all the containments and release negative ion (”oxygen”) back in the air. Our artificial intelligens air purifiers analyzes the environment 24/7 and gives a precise diagnose of the pollution level, humidity, and temperature and with its artificial intelligence, smartly adjusts to the specific environment it is operating in, to provide the best air quality at all-times.

 Airvita eliminates smoke, bacteria/vira, allergens and other harmfull particles within 12 minutes in 100m2.
 Our unit has decreased sickdays in many nursing homes, offices and schools. AirVita improves your employees effectiveness by cleaning your space as 16.000 trees.
 Our unit is approved and tested by recognized researchers and research institutes.
 We provide you with the newest technology and high quality air purifiers. That’s why we provide you with 100% satisfaction guarantee.The uniqueness is that our purifier ionize the air equivalent to 16.000 trees.

We do not use oils, parfumes or other concealers. We bring the nature back into your space.

Come and see a live (smoke) test of our units in booth C1-088.

AirVita Global
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