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Tubus Technology

Stand nr. C1-055A

TubusOne is a low-tech communication tool for people with mobility disabilities in arms and hands.

TubusOne is a low-tech communication tool used for navigating on tablets and smartphones. TubusOne works by puffing air into the tube to activate a function that works like a finger on all touchscreen devices. It works directly from the box and on all tablet and smartphone devices – no software installation required. It is specifically used for communication, interaction and playing games on tablets and smartphones and it creates independency so you can manage your activities on tablets and smartphones by yourself without any help from other people. You do not need to have any prior knowledge to get started with TubusOne, it is simple and easy to manage.

Tubus Technology
  • Kanslergade 7, 2. tv
  • 2100 København Ø
  • 0045 2238 8256
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    • Kommunikationsredskaber til mennesker med nedsat funktion

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