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Eyemind IVS

Stand nr. C1-085C

Screenless eye control for wheelchairs

GazeDriver is a screen-less eye-control for wheelchairs invented for those people with handicaps so severe that they can’t use their body for interaction. For instance ALS patients or people with spinal cord injury.
GazeDriver is all about mobility, independence and freedom. GazeDriver makes users more independent of help from family and society, and also gives them freedom to, e.g. move away from boring conversations, noise or unfriendly environment, or to move towards persons they would like to communicate with.
Mobility, dignity and control
GazeDriver gives people mobility as well as dignity and control, while at the same time freeing up their helpers/relatives time and mind. These challenges are important to solve because people want to participate, interact, be social and have control. GazeDriver will also be very suitable for kids because of its simplicity and robustness, allowing them to follow their friends around and making them less passive.

Eyemind IVS
  • Vesterbrogade 125
  • 1620 København V
  • +45 3020 7034
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