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HYTO GmbH offers an easy-to-use, high-quality hygienic solution for cleaning toilets.

In hospitals and nursing homes, the danger of resistant microbes is ever present. Toilet seat hinges have always been a problem area for thorough and easy cleaning.

HYTO GmbH provides a new simple but effective design to mount and unmount the toilet seat and lid separately within seconds.
This leads to a new cleaning process, used seats and leads are simply changed with cleaned ones. While changing them, the bowl can be cleaned easily using strong chemicals without harming the plastic. The used seats and lids are refined in an industrial washer. The innovative hinge with end to end connection increases the fixture of the toilet seat to the bowl. No getting wobbly and no back-and-forth movement anymore.

HYTO can help to prevent cross contamination – an additional step for a safer hospital and containment of germs.


Health & Rehab Scandinavia

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12. - 14. maj 2020
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