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Stand nr. C1-016

Applikator develops innovative, user-centered and user-friendly solutions for the healthcare sector.

VitaMind is able to rehabilitate and enhance people with disabilities on both a cognitive and physical level. VitaMind focuses on accessibility and user-friendliness, which means that people of all ages and with all types of disabilities, can use VitaiInd. The system allows content to be customized individually for each user which makes the experience that much more fun and engaging for the user on a personal level. Through fun comes engagement, and through engagement comes change and a sense of well-being.
VitaMind helps elderly citizens and people with disabilities take control of their own lives. User-friendly and accessible with functions that are individually tailored to the needs of the users, VitaMind provides structure and support - empowering the users, lifting their spirits and at the same time saving costs.
Dialog-Net: Employee.
Flow of communication and information is key to any organization. Dialog-Net is both accessible and user-friendly. Dialog-Net means well-informed employees that spend no unnecessary time gathering information. The employees can carry out tasks more efficiently, which in turn saves them from al lot of work related stress.


Health & Rehab Scandinavia

Blekinge Boulevard 2
2630 Taastrup

Forskerparken 10E23
5230 Odense M
Tlf. +45 3254 2425


12. - 14. maj 2020
Alle dage kl. 9.00-17.00

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